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Established and managed by engineering students, the Finnish Union of Engineering Students, Insinööriopiskelijaliitto IOL ry, is the only organization in Finland that focuses on the interests of engineering students. The IOL has 27 local associations and about 17000 members altogether.

According to studies, the main reason for joining the IOL is quite simply the desire to be a part of an organization that is meant exclusively for engineering students. Traditions going back to the beginning of the 20th century, the position as the oldest, most appreciated and the most influential professional association for engineering students and also the will to cherish traditions and culture are the corner stones of the IOL. By joining the IOL you can participate in the continuation of these traditions.

IOL membership is beneficial even when calculated on purely economical grounds. It is easy to get your membership fee back tenfold when taking advantage of member benefits during the four year membership period. Being a member of the IOL is beneficial also because it gives an excellent opportunity to participate in many different courses, student events and local activities. The benefits are clear once you look at the improvements the IOL has gained: better quality of engineering studies, increased working life knowledge of the students and a great influence on the employment, position, status and income of the engineering students.


The IOL is open for everyone studying for a degree in engineering in a Finnish AMK-institute. Those who are studying engineering in an AMK evening program or in a bachelor-level degree program for Technician Engineers are also welcome to join.


You can join the IOL on the Internet ( or by sending us the attached application card. When you join the IOL, you also automatically join Insinööriliitto, The Finnish Union of Professional Engineers, as a student member. Insinööriliitto is a member of AKAVA, Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland. IOL members may also join the IAET Unemployment Benefit Fund.


The membership fee of the IOL is only € 30 and it covers the entire 5-year studying period. The fee is charged only once, excluding those who are studying for more than five years. Union fees are tax-deductible in Finland. The bill is sent to your postal address within a month of joining, but the member benefits are available immediately after we have received your application.


The IOL has insurance for all of its members covering free-time accidents and travel accidents. Union lawyers of Uusi Insinööriliitto are at your service, should you have any problems with your employer that require legal advice.

As a member of the IOL, you also have the opportunity to join the IAET Unemployment Benefit Fund if you are employed during your studies. By being a member of the IAET, you are entitled to the earnings-related unemployment allowance after graduation. If you are already a member of another Finnish unemployment fund, you can move your membership between the funds without losing the gained working period required by the employment condition. The constant membership fee is charged once a year (€ 78 in 2012). No percentage based fees are counted from your salary. Get more information on the IAET from address or call IAET office 09 4763 7600.



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